Many thanks to 2018 YMWLS staff:

Sarah CannonSarah Cannon

Sarah is excited to return to YMWLS! Sarah is an adult advisor to the Heartland Area Youth Council. She has been a UU for more than twenty years, and much of her involvement with UU churches centers around RE and youth programs. She is currently a member of All Souls Unitarian Church in Indianapolis, IN. Sarah is the author of Oddity, a middle grade novel published by Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan. Her next novel, Twist, will be out in January 2020. She's also a homeschooling mom and ESL teacher. In her spare time, she likes to garden, knit, and read.

Colleen Lee 2019Colleen Lee

Colleen Lee is a college student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she studies social work. Colleen is a life long UU, who is a YMWLS alumni, chaplain trained individual, former General Assembly Youth Caucus Worship coordinator, as well as a Summer Seminary alumni. She will be serving as YMWLS’s Young Adult Spiritual Director. Colleen enjoys art journaling, is an avid tea drinker, and an active advocate for reproductive justice. She can’t wait to be back in the YMWLS community for the fourth time.

Leah Kaminsky 2019Leah Kaminsky

Leah Kaminsky is a sixteen year old student from North Liberty, IA. She has always been a person filled with love, compassion, and activism. She has always stood up for what she believe in, stood out in my community, and involve herself in the community and her church. Her hobbies are singing, playing the violin, piano, clarinet, and making art. She has been apart of the UU community ever since she was a baby, and has never stopped loving it. As she has grown up, she is gets involved even more, like going on a service trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2017. She thought Leadership School was so eye opening for her and can’t wait to come to YMWLS again on the staff!

Emma Paskewitz 2019Emma Paskewitz

Emma Paskewitz is the coordinator for the Senior High and Coming of Age programs at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis. She is excited to be a part of Youth Midwest Leadership School again this summer. She loves to play soccer, spend time with family and friends, and go on walks with her puppies!


Daniel Sturtevant 2019Daniel Sturtevant

Daniel is a youth advisor at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville. Son of a UU minister, he grew up in the TJUC youth community and has returned to this congregation, now working with youth as an investment in the future of humanity. Daniel is a Rationalist Humanist, a behavioral economist by vocation, and a data scientist by trade. Despite being a massive introvert inclined toward such diversions as Minecraft or D&D, Daniel has occasionally been observed partaking in amateur theatrics, no-budget film-making, or other such frivolities.

Nyana Harper 2019Nyana Harper

Nyana Harper is an 18 year old finishing her Senior year in Kettering, Ohio. She is currently studying Early Childhood Education. Nyana is a life long UU, YMWLS alumni, former Youth Causus chaplain at General assembly, as well as a chaplain trainer. She will be serving as one of YMWLS’ Young Adult Spiritual Director. She enjoys Netflix, playing with her niece and nephew, and writing. She is delighted to be back to work with all the new attendees since YMWLS was very helpful for her.

Jonathan Leite

Jonathan is a senior in high school, and a life-long Unitarian Universalist. He attends the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington. Jonathan is currently serving his second year as one of the two Social Action Coordinators on HAYC (Heartland Area Youth Council). He is very engaged with the national UU youth 'scene', be it through attending GA, or leading the 2018 UU United Nations Office Spring Seminar as a chaplain. In his spare time, Jonathan loves to read, play tennis or ping-pong, and spends more time at the gym than he really should! He is thrilled to return to YMWLS and serve as staff this coming year!

Scott StewartScott Stewart

Scott serves as the Director of Religious Education and Youth Group Leader at Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood, MO and has served on the YMWLS staff since 2014.  He’s an enthusiastic supporter of UU youth and eagerly attends and supports as many UU youth events and leadership opportunities as possible. Scott and his wife Jennifer have been married for 17 years. He enjoys reading, traveling throughout the country, playing games with family and friends, hiking, viewing wildlife, and bird watching. Scott is also an avid supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues.

Tim MurphyTim Murphy

Tim Murphy is a youth advisor at the UU Church of Indianapolis and served on the staff of YMWLS from 2010-2015 and 2017-2018. He loves to work with youth and promotes youth empowerment every chance he gets. He's been to tons of cons and trainings as both staff and attendee. He works as a cataloger at a public library, serves as the merchandise coordinator for Naptown Roller Derby and in his spare time watches lots of movies and rides as many roller coasters as he can find!

Nancy Combs Morgan Dec 2016 2Nancy Combs-Morgan

Nancy has been immersed in Unitarian Universalist faith development for the last 17 years, including 6 years as a Director of Religious Education, and 11 years on UUA district and regional staff, as the Faith Development Director in Heartland District, and the MidAmerica Coordinator for Emerging Models in Youth and Young Adult Ministries.  Throughout this progression she has remained passionate about the transformative impact of our faith for children, youth, and young adults.  She has worked closely as a regional liaison with our national Youth and Young Adult staff. Outside of the realm of faith development, she radiates a love of music and movement.  One particular joy is DJing for multigenerational events as NC<* (NCLight), and spending time with family and friends in her hometown of Lexington, KY.

Morgan Miller 2019Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia, MO and actively participates in youth conferences, General Assembly (GA), Youth Leadership School and other youth activities.  She is also very passionate about theatre, jamming with her band, dancing, and is eager to return to YMWLS 2019 as a staff member.


Evan Cannon 2019Evan Cannon

Evan is a slightly (extremely) ridiculous fifteen-year-old homeschooler from Indianapolis, IN. He is a Pagan Unitarian Universalist and attends All Souls Unitarian Church of Indianapolis. He attended YMWLS in 2017, was staff for YMWLS 2018 and he’s overjoyed about returning as staff again. When he isn’t drawing, writing or enjoying many fandom-related things, he volunteers as a Social Action Coordinator on the Heartland Area Youth Council. He has been a member of the council for the past three years (and hopefully many more to come) which has allowed him to plan and run youth CONs, as well as events at his church. Evan is a trained youth chaplain. He is always happy to talk about anything on your mind.

Many thanks to 2018 YMWLS staff: